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Smartphone games – Plants vs Zombies


On this market, there are a couple of games that have achieved such a big number of fans like Plants vs Zombies. The latest game Plants vs Zombies brings to us new plants and new zombies, both of them being well designed and created to make us enjoy this game even more.

Most players prefer Beeshooters, which are basically Peashooter only they have a face colored in black and yellow and they shoot with bees in every zombie that appears on the way.

You also need to be careful at the new Barrel Zombie because after you broke his exterior, he will go nuts and cause many problems. The new graphic style may be a surprise for many at the beginning, but it needs to be mentioned the fact that the designers were very careful with that, keeping the original look of the game but bringing it a refreshed one.

Maybe the biggest difference between the old Plants vs Zombies and the actual Plants vs Zombies Adventures would be the fact that the zombies attack from the all four directions so no Sunflower will be ever safe. Lownmowers are no more considered to be luxury objects and the position of Walnuts has become a little more strategic.

The new setup may be a little confusing at the beginning, but after a while you will enjoy the new scenarios, the new updates, well done and especially very well designed.

I need to admit that at first I was a little worried when I saw that the PopCap have introduced free to play element in the universe of Plants vs Zombies, but in the end I have realized that they have done a good job. For instance, the plants are no longer to be found in abundance as long as you have the sun to keep them growing.

In Plants vs Zombies Adventures you need to grow every defensive plant at home, and you need to utilize them carefully during a fight. You also have the possibility to decide whether to take a plant with you or to keep it for the next level. If you happen to need a plant in a scenario you may be tempted to pay with real cash (red diamonds) to add a plant. So, if you thought that playing this game will include no expenses, you are wrong. At the same time, you can start to play in various new casinos, but in there you can actually make money, not just spend them. You can play many live online casino games and have som good fun. You can try out blackjack games for free. Not only regular games are fun, casino games may be even funnier.

In fact, the only waiting moments of the game are when you are expecting the plants to grown or the building to give coins in order to but new seeds. Another interesting thing is that when a plant dies in a fight you can revive it using a little sun.

A downside of this game is the fact that if you play it on your pc using a browser and you happen to close the window by mistake you will lose the level and also the plants from that level.

In big lines, Plants vs Zombies is a game well designed, a game that brings us new content, very interesting and amusing. It keeps pretty well the familiar interface of the game and we, the big fans, are really enjoying it.

Post by dianakelly266 (2016-03-16 14:41)

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